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Wonky Houses
52" x 48"
A while back, I organized a block swap
among a group of friends, including quilters
in Kentucky, Alabama, California, Alaska,
and New Zealand.  The goal was to make
a house block for each person, any size,
any style.  The only rule was "make it

As far as I know, I'm the only person in the
swap who made my blocks into a quilt, and
I chose to create my own wacky, wonky

The close-up shows the block I did, with the
door open to show what's behind the flap.  
(A woman holding a cat, if you can't tell on

PNQE 2003
AQS Paducah 2004
"In the American Tradition III", various
venues 2004 - 2005

Published in Quilters Newsletter Magazine
November 2005 issue
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